The Hathaway School is an ‘Alan Feinstein Leadership School’.    Alan Shawn Feinstein’s commitment to the schools in the State of Rhode Island is legendary. He has dedicated millions of dollars to its elementary and secondary schools, and to its colleges and universities, to advance the importance of community service in education and the values of caring, compassion and brotherhood.  He was also instrumental in the establishment of the first public high school ever to have community service as its central theme and the first college program to offer an undergraduate  degree in this field.

Over one hundred thousand students in grades K through 6 in 270 Rhode Island elementary schools have participated in the Feinstein Good Deeds program as well as students in several other states around the country. Students are provided with journals  in which they record their good deeds and other acts of kindness that make a positive difference in the lives of others.  The journals include a Junior Scholar’s card which provides one time free admission for your child and an adult to the Providence Children’s Museum, Battleship Cove and Mystic Aquarium plus other wonderful discounts to local venues.  Check the back of your card for additional details.

If your child loses their Junior Scholar card you may ask your Principal for a replacement or you can send me self addressed stamped envelope with your childs name & school to me at:  37 Alhambra Circle Cranston RI 02905.

We have no control on how long the free offers on your Junior Scholar card will last, so please be sure to call ahead to the places listed and verify they are still participating in our program.

Mr. Feinstein has a TV show which airs on the weekend at 10am on RIPBS 36/Cox 8.  RIPBS has promised to run this show until 2021.  Mr. Feinstein welcomes hearing about  your child’s good deeds and if you want you can send him your good deeds via email at (along with your child’s name & school) and he will try to announce their name & good deed on his TV show.

Because of their good deeds, our Junior Scholars now have schools named after them in both Africa & South America. That is something no other children anywhere have – this is quite impressive to be able to say when applying for college or on a job application.

Please continue to encourage your children in their good deeds and in making a positive difference in the world.

Important News from Alan Shawn Feinstein

We have over $20 million scholarship money at Rhode Island colleges for our Junior Scholars. We cannot guarantee anyone a scholarship – the collages make that decision. You should be sure to mention on your college application that you are a Feinstein Jr Scholar – that should give you a leg up on receiving a scholarship.

Visit my website from time to time to see our latest news. We also have a great video posted on YouTube of the Feinstein Junior Scholar School in Kenya, Africa that was named for your good deeds.  I also have a TV Program – Our Great Kids on PBS every weekend and also on YouTube.

Keep up on your good deeds helping people in need and teach your younger siblings and later in life your children. Remember, everytime you do something good for someone you make the world a better place. That makes you a special person.

Your friend
Alan Shawn Feinstein