We are very excited to introduce our 1st Annual Hathaway Fun Run!  This will be our fall fundraiser this year and is replacing the cookie dough fundraiser we have done in past years.  The Fun Walk will promote healthy choices, encourage school spirit, and, of course, raise money for the school!

The Fun Walk will take place on Friday, October 18th at 9:30am.  Please feel free to come cheer on all of the students!  Keep in mind that there is very limited parking at and around Hathaway . . . please be considerate of Hathaway’s neighbors when parking and consider carpooling to limit our impact on the surrounding residents.

Here is how it will work:

Anyone who wants to sponsor your student in this Fun Walk can send his/her donation directly to the school via check, Venmo or PayPal (make sure sponsors include your student’s name so your student gets “credit” for the donation!) and the HPTA will collect and tally the donations for each student.  Prizes will be awarded for top fundraisers in several categories (see below).

Click on the logos to donate!

Every Hathaway student will participate in the Fun Walk (which will take place during normal school hours), even if s/he does not raise any funds.

This will be the first of our only two major fundraisers this year (the second fundraiser will be Springabaloo), so please help your student send the enclosed letter to as many people as possible!  Funds raised through the Fun Walk will contribute to the many programs offered by the HPTA as well as raising funds to contribute to the Hathaway Habitat and planned Outdoor Classroom.

A special t-shirt will be provided to every student for the Fun Walk.  Shirts will be handed out on the day of the Fun Walk to be worn during the Fun Walk.

Finally, if you or anyone you know would like to advertise on the back of the t-shirt for the Fun Walk, please reach out or complete the attached form.  This is a great opportunity to get your business’ name into every Hathaway household!

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.  Thanks so much for your help in making this a great fundraiser for Hathaway and a fun event for our students!

1st Annual Hathaway Fun Walk Prize List

Top Fundraising Student Overall: Principal for a Day!

Top Fundraising Grade: One extra recess for each class in the grade

Top Fundraising Class in Each Grade: Wee-Saw/Swing privileges at recess for one week

Any student raising funds: Crazy Hat/Hair Day Pass (date TBD)

Any student raising between $350 and $550: Friend pass for lunch at a special table

Any student raising over $550: Pizza party at school with a special guest