We Did It! Our 1st Annual Hathaway Fun Walk.

Thank you all so much for your support of our 1st Annual Hathaway Fun Walk!  The support of the Hathaway community has been overwhelming and the kids had a great time in the process!  We are so proud and excited to announce that we raised $20,870!  And, yes, that means Miss Emily will get a pie in her face at the next Community Meeting (don’t worry, she’s a happy participant)!  And these funds will directly benefit all Hathaway students to go on field trips, contribute to the Hathaway Outdoor Learning Center, and many of the great programs at Hathaway School!

More details will come out soon to individual students receiving prizes, including information on the Crazy Hair/Hat Day passes for all fundraising students, so please stay tuned for dates and details on all prizes via backpack in the coming week. 

In the meantime, here are the results:

Top Fundraising Student(s) Overall: We have a tie between Greyson Helie and Meyer Helie.  Contratulations, girls, and way to go!
Top Fundraising Class Overall: Mrs. King’s Second Grade Class
Top Fundraising Grade Overall: 2nd Grade
Top Fundraising Kindergarten Class: Mrs. Wright’s Class
Top Fundraising 1st Grade Class: Mrs. Grinnell’s Class
Top Fundraising 2nd Grade Class: Mrs. King’s Class
Top Fundraising 3rd Grade Class: Mrs. Hole’s Class
Top Fundraising 4th Grade Class: Mrs. Thompon and Mrs. Larson’s Class
Thank you so much!